Social Impact Project

Turn your brand value into positive social value

How it works?

Through identifying the social value of your brand, and strategically line up useful connections among our charity partners with the common goal for a creative SOCIAL IMPACT PROJECT idea.

By turning your brand value into a positive social value. You are attracting and engaging people who respond with Good Deed and acquiring them as your new, loyal customers. 

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The Collective Power of BRAND & NGO

Participants Engaged

Impact Crowdfunding


Promote “Bake with love, as always” by collaboration with the exclusive NGOs.

Target Audience

  • Public who are interested in social issues, especially about mental wellbeing of kids.
  • Young family with children aged under 12.


Aimed to crowdfund 1,000 service participants for a volunteering platform in one month. When the goal met,  the sponsor will offer charity bakery class for kid members of an NGO.

Our service focus

  • Event Planning & Management 
  • Video Production & Promotion
  • Goodie Bag Design and Product Placement

Social Impact Video

Through collaborations with our network of creative professionals, charities/ social enterprises, and social media influencers. Collective Power builds and grows a community to create interesting video contents* while giving back to the local community.

If you are also interested in participating in our collaborative projects, welcome to contact us and join us as a creator partner!

* Cantonese videos available only, please click here for details.

Stuck For CSR Events Ideas?

4 CSR Events to Give Back

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) events are an impactful and innovative way for companies to establish a reputation as socially responsible companies. Not to mention it’s an easy way to attract, retain and engage top employees. A report by Project ROI indicates that a year-round CSR program can reduce a company’s staff turnover rate by up to 50 percent while increasing employee engagement by up to 7.5 percent. Working at an organization where employees view their CSR efforts as positive, has a significant and favorable impact on how they rate their pride in the organization, their overall satisfaction, their willingness to recommend it as a place to work and their intention to stay. These four ideas will get your CSR events to translate into a social impact event!

Corporate’s Day of Service – Partner with a charity and create the volunteer experience. We can handle making your teams’ participation as smooth and memorable as possible. Create detailed pre-event information packets, coordinate seamless transportation, and a post-event experience.

Team Building Event – Instead of arranging a happy hour or hiring a consultant for a management workshop. Why not use the budget and time to work on a volunteer project as a team? Not only will you build the bond between those on the team, but your event will also have a direct, positive impact on the community. A best practice is to follow a “Service Learning” method to strategically use the day for team strengthening.

Company Offsite Meeting – During a company retreat or sales meeting, dedicate time for an employee service project. Impactful volunteer events can be planned for just half a day and still accomplish the goal of impacting the organization. You can even run corporate social responsibility events without leaving the hotel! A build-a-bike event is a great example of what can be accomplished.

Allocated Staff Hours – Encourage staff to volunteer together at charities they would enjoy working with. To fulfill the company’s vision of corporate social responsibility events that are both inspirational and easy to put on. We facilitate with sign-ups and finding volunteer opportunities. Ensure this is still a corporate social responsibility event that builds relationships within your organization.

Digital Marketing Workshop & Seminar

Providing charities and social enterprises with the professional skills they need to make more impact. Connect over 80 NGOs per session, aimed to identify their needs and further scope out useful projects with our community network. 

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Influencer Spotlight

Through collaborations with our network of creative professionals, charities/ social enterprises, and social media influencers. Collective Power builds and grows a Power Maker Community to create interesting contents while giving back to the local community. 

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